May 01, 2000
Finally saw Magnolia last night.

Finally saw Magnolia last night. As is my wont, I wanted to read some reviews,
just to see what others thought. I realized I really dislike
that try to tell me what I thought about the film:

These characters are all well played, but we don't fully
connect with them. Or, finally, with an endless movie
that mostly mistakes inflation for importance.

Funny, thing is I connected with them. Then again,
I don't write for Time, so
my finger must not be on the "pulse". From the same reviewer's
review of Fight Club:

For we begin to realize that the hunky Pitt is
the willowy Norton's doppelganger, a projection of
fantasies about masculine mastery.

(Not only does he tell me how I think, he also tries to ruin the movie!)

I'd find more examples, but Time's search engine gives me a headache.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at May 01, 2000 12:00 AM
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