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A very vancouvery moment

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On the patio at Cafe Artigiano, a woman sits alone, talking on her cell phone via a bluetooth ear piece.

She shuffles her tarot deck and starts placing down cards, apparently for the reading she's providing over the phone.

The city is here

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Possibly cool: the city is here for you to use, a bi-weekly events newsletter focussed on Vancouver. (via.)

A mystery (to me) solved

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This little squiggly neon guy in Chinatown has always perplexed me:

Squiggly Neon

This site has convinced me that it is Reddy Killowatt, an advertising icon from the 50s:

(Found here.)


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It somehow escaped my attention that Vancouver had a manhole design competition. The two winners are nice, but some of the runners-up are nice too. This one is hilarious. (via)

Fruit trees in Vancouver

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Here's an interesting project: planting fruit trees throughout Vancouver.

Another thing I didn't know: Vancouver has a " fruit tree program through which excess produce grown by local residents is collected and distributed": The Fruit Tree Project.

(via, which I found here, which I found here. I tell you, this hyperlink thing is really going to catch on.)

World's Thinnest Building

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Did you know the world's thinnest building is in Vancouver? 1.5 meters deep is pretty damn thin. (via).

Welcome to Vancouver!


One of flickr's hiring coups that seems to have gone unnoticed is Aaron Cope, a long-time Montreal programmer/artist/weblogger. A foodie of a high order, today we get his initial impressions of Vancouver in Things I have learned eating in Vancouver for two weeks. Can anyone solve his baguette dilemma?

I know the flickr folks are uber-busy, but it'd be great to see them at a Vancouver meetup.

Winter Solstice Lantern festival

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This looks like fun: Chinese Winter Solstice Festival - in four different Vancouver neighbourhoods. (via)

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