March 23, 2000
The truth behind the BeOS:

The truth behind the BeOS:

You see, you may think that what Be engineers are good at
is writing an operating system. This is an imprecise
statement. You may think that we are good at doing things
the "right" way. This, while arguably true, is also not
quite right. What Be engineers are best at is taking some
problem which is laughably easy to solve and making it
complicated enough to interest us. It's not enough, for
example, for us to be able to play a movie. We have to be
able to play 30 of them, in parallel, on eight CPUs,
while surfing the Web and playing Quake II. (You may have
heard this referred to in our marketing literature as
"sexy"... we engineers know that's just marketing speak
for "butt-ass complicated.") Who buys an eight-processor
machine and then watches 30 movies on it all at the same
time? Beats me. They told us they could sell it, so we
made it.

(The article this is taken from should be online here soon.)

Posted by Bill Stilwell at March 23, 2000 12:00 AM
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