May 15, 2000
I find this amusing. Rabid

I find this amusing. Rabid fans kill gaming magazine.

Overzealous fans and supporters can sometimes be more of a detriment than a blessing, but they've never killed a product. Until now. PC Accelerator, a magazine aimed at high-end gamers, was shut down because its readership of hardcore gamers were flaming its advertisers. They wrote obscene letters to PC makers like Dell for advertising in the magazine, since most hardcore gamers build their own PCs.

The worst case was when AOL sign-up CDs were included in an issue. "You wouldn't believe how many people microwaved their AOL CDs and sent them to AOL, saying 'Don't ever advertise in PC Accelerator ever again,'" said one former staffer. Publisher Imagine Media, which has over a dozen gaming magazines, didn't need this headache and pulled the plug.

Judging by what I've seen of this magazine, you could probably substitute "testosterone-addled sexist 17 year olds" for high-end gamers in the first paragraph.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at May 15, 2000 12:00 AM
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