May 15, 2000
They waterproof flexible keyboard I've

They waterproof flexible keyboard I've seen references to
recently (most recently in Byte)
has been around for over a year. This was a Slashdot story
over a year ago, based on my submission (he noted modestly).
I read about it in wired magazine. Now it's hitting the rounds again. The actual maker of this product is a company called inpace. They're still not available for sale in Canada that I'm aware of though - when I emailed them last year about it, they asked me if I wanted to be the distributor!

Posted by Bill Stilwell at May 15, 2000 12:00 AM

We are proud to introduce the new Roll-keyboard made of silicon.
This revolutionary keyboard is waterproof, flexible, dust and contaminant proof.
This keyboard can be used in industrial environments, office, hospital and home.

Made in silicon, environmentally protective and ideal for resistance against
drink or food spillage's at home or at work.

2.Moisture Prevention
Waterproof - ideal for use in adverse, humid or even low-level water conditions.

The ability to roll up the keyboard makes it one of the most space saving computer
peripherals on the market today.

The colorfast printed letters won't come off even after long periods of time


* Compatibility : IBM AT, PS/2
* Layout : 109Keys
* Dimension(mm) : 516(L)*149(W)*15(H)
* Electronic data : +5VDC ??5?50mA
* Weight(kg) : 0.4
* Total travel : 2mm??0.3

-. No noise while typing
-. Harmless to the human body with excellent softness
-. Portable with the proper size to fold or roll
-. Resistance to the water or dust
-. Easy to work for its round shape design
-. Excellent and various in color
-. Long durability (one million life cycle of key)


* Office
* Hospital
* Classroom
* Kid's room
* Notebook computer users
* Laboratory
* Industrial environments

should be following for OEM customers:

Standard Foldable USB Keyboard [KC-W157]
Minimum order: 2000 unit(s)
Unit Price: US$12.5 FOB HongKong
Lead time: 30 days after PO confirmed
Payment: 50% should be paid in advance and the other 50% should be paid before goods shipped out.


- Designed for Windows 95&98 (3function keys)
- Improved Space-saving Design by Applying TPU Material
- One Piece Pattern Prevent Dust with Water Resistant
- Highly Reliable Membrane Contact Technology
- Soft-Touch , Quick Tactile Key Action
- International Key layout
- Patent Pending in Many Countries
- Multimedia For win2000

If you are interested in our Roll Keyboard, please contact us.Thanks

Best regards
Michael Li
Changsha Dongwu Co.,Ltd.
Room No.712,YuYing Commercial Building,
No.398 Jiefang Road E.Changsha,Hunan,China.
Mobile phone:13077359765

Posted by: Michael Li on November 6, 2002 07:24 PM
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