June 23, 2000
THE strangest thing I've read

THE strangest thing I've read in a long time. Michael Moriarty endorses Stockwell Day. Sample:

And the myth that only the United States has been able to resist socialism will soon end. The bull market, bred and sustained by Bill Clinton and his links to communist China, will be slaughtered during the George Bush Jr. administration. Mr. Bush, the Republican Party and Wall Street won't know what hit them.

According to the socialist plan, all other conservative leaders, such as prime minister Day, will be swept out of office in the wake of a Bush humiliation.

With members in high journalistic places, the socialists have easily and increasingly painted anyone involved with either new conservative parties, such as Reform, or with any new Christian sect, as radicals, racists, sexists and/or anarchists.

Any fresh, conservative thought, or even the simple mention of Jesus Christ, and the propaganda machine is unleashed.

Stockwell Day's biggest enemies continue to be his friends.

For those who don't recall Michael Moriarty is, he played Ben Stone on Law & Order.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at June 23, 2000 12:00 AM
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