August 29, 2001
Total Request Live (which, apparently

Total Request Live (which, apparently luckily, I can't watch in Canada) is a stupid show:

An MTV staffer observes the crowd, his gaze finally resting on an eager-eyed blond named Michelle. "You like Backstreet Boys," he pronounces. "Now, why do you like Backstreet?"

"Hi, my name's Michelle, I'm from South Carolina and I like Backstreet because I love their music and their new video rocks!" the teenager says on cue.

"Mmmm. No," says the staffer, sighing heavily. "First of all, you forgot your 'Woooo!' You have to 'Woooo!' at the end of your shout-out. Don't ever forget to 'Woooo!' Now, which Backstreet is your favorite?"

Never, ever forget your 'Woooo!'

Posted by Bill Stilwell at August 29, 2001 12:00 AM
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