May 25, 2002
To be honest, I was

To be honest, I was kind've mystified by the term neo-liberal in this sticker on a local newspaper box:

What seems to be the most accurate definition I've since come across is:

"Deregulated, globally-integrated, corporate capitalism" or simply put: "Capitalism Plus".

I really wonder why the term 'neo-liberalism' was used to describe this; I can understand neo-con, but I find it hard to relate to seeing Liberalism as bad, or why a renewal of Liberalism would be a bad thing.

I also find it kind of amusing to think about the wto-hating culture jammer getting these stickers printed up at Kinko. I wonder how long it took to decide that that particular font was the perfect one to enlighten the masses about the evils of The Vancouver Sun.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at May 25, 2002 12:00 AM
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