July 20, 2000
All of marginalia.org was recently

All of marginalia.org was recently sucked up byip3000.com. Their site has this note:

NOTE: IP3000 Digitally Fingerprints logos, images, photographs, MP3s, and other digital media it locates. IP3000 does not keep copies, thumbnails or clips of any of the media it locates. The digital fingerprints that are collected will be used in conjunction with the text data collected to create a comprehensive index for locating websites of interest. Combination text and fingerprint searching is a major new development in the evolution of the web to enhance the effectiveness for Internet users seeking information from your website.

The ip in ip3000 is supposed to stand for internet portal, although I wonder if it's not really for intellectual property; it sounds like this would be a great tool for those seeking to enforce copyrights on the net.

But I'm probably just paranoid, right?

Posted by Bill Stilwell at July 20, 2000 12:00 AM
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