October 09, 2004
Concert Roundup
  • Mouse on Mars + Ratatat + Junior Boys @ Sonar: I went to this show on a whim; I'd read positive reviews of both Mouse on Mars and Ratatat, so figured I'd risk $16. All of the bands are techno/electronica influenced, but also use regular instrumentation (translation: laptops! drums! guitars!). Anyway - a good show, could have done without Junior Boys. I ended up buying Ratatat and Mouse on Mars CDs. Side note - I would like to know what some of the people at this gig were doing up against the wall standing completely still. People: I am the whitest white guy in whiteville, but I was out there moving around (not to be confused with dancing). What are you afraid of, looking goofy? Nobody cares, and it shouldn't stop you from having fun.
  • Fly Pan Am + Mono (warning, sound on load) @ The Media Club. Mono blew the walls of the joint - almost literally, what with some of the volumes they hit. They work some of the same ground as Godspeed You Black Emperor and Explosions in the Sky, which some have taken to calling post rock. Also thrown around are "Soundtrack for an Apocalypse" or "classical music for indie kids". Whatever you call it, I liked it: beautiful, visceral, mesmerizing. Fly Pan Am is a way glitchier band, which I'm usually into, but they were an uneasy pairing with Mono. Good, but not blown away. Posted by Bill Stilwell at October 09, 2004 11:05 AM
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