November 01, 2004
Concert Roundup II

So the rest of October's shows:

  • Tom Waits @ The Orpheum - Awesome show, despite nose-bleedish seats and some tech problems likely related to first show (uneven mix, misbehaving equipment). Marc Ribot is a fantastic guitarist. I love seeing artists with fans of all ages and style, and that is definitely the case with Waits - seniors and dreadlocked hipsters in a room together is a beautiful thing.
  • Helmet - their first show in 7 years. Not so much with the wildly diverse fan base. 90% male. Hardcore mosh pit which I passed on. Ears still ringing slightly.
  • Interpol @ The Commodore - fun, exactly what you'd want if you like their music. I hope they find a way to expand on their current style, which I love but can definitely see becoming predictable.
  • PJ Harvey @ The Vogue - Seeing an artist at the top of their abilities is uplifiting, and this was very much the case for this show. Her band is great, and PJ was PJ. Highlight was an absolutely smoking version of 50 Ft. Queenie. One of the best shows I've ever seen.
Posted by Bill Stilwell at November 01, 2004 09:44 PM
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