May 20, 2000
Has Dr. Laura read her

Has Dr. Laura read her Torah? Best thing
I've read about the whole Dr. Laura brouhaha.

As far as homosexuality itself goes, I think modern society could learn a lot from the Bible. The notion that all humanity is divided into different sexual camps and that everybody, therefore, almost by definition must fall into one category or the other, is not supported by Scripture. (Even the violent miscreants of Sodom who openly declare their interest in violating Lot's angelic guests are not described as a mob of gay men, just of evil wrongdoers intent on abusing some strangers in the most humiliating way possible.)

The idea that every aspect of people's lives, including their sexual lives, can be fashioned into a conduit leading to God, on the other hand, is the foundation stone on which both the faith of ancient Israel and modern Judaism rest.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at May 20, 2000 12:00 AM
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