October 20, 2001
An Investigation Into a Different

An Investigation Into a Different Kind of Suicide Mission. Powerful stuff.

Although virtually unnoticed by the outside world, since last autumn Turkey has been the site of the longest -- and now the deadliest -- hunger strike against a government in modern history. At the time of my first visit to the houses of resistance in Kucuk Armutlu in mid-July, the 29th striker had just perished, and the deaths of at least eight more -- including Fatma, Yildiz and Osman -- were imminent.

But even these numbers don't prepare you for the deluge to come. Most of the dead thus far have been from the first wave, those who began their strike last autumn, and very few strikers from that wave are still alive. But four new teams, comprising some 180 more strikers, have joined the fast since then, which means the dying might continue into next summer or beyond, and the final toll could reach the hundreds.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at October 20, 2001 12:00 AM
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