July 17, 2003
Godspeed hates me

godspeed tour dates:

godspeed will be on hiatus for the better part of a year, while the band members work on their many other projects

Bah. I've been wanting to see gybe live a long time now, and now they've punted on a west coast tour.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at 05:51 PM
July 15, 2003
Most emailed

Like all right thinking people, I enjoy yahoo's most emailed photos. Now a creative genius has created a daily comic using the top 3 photos for that day.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at 03:26 PM
July 14, 2003
Yes, I Suck

It's been one of those periods when posting just dropped off the list of things to do. I've actually had a few people notice this, which is a pleasant surprise; more soon, I swear.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at 08:09 AM