November 24, 2003
Campaign 2000

The increasingly poorly named Campaign 2000 project released its annual report on child poverty today. 1 in 6 Canadian children are currently living in poverty, which is a poor showing among other industrialized nations.

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nature's evolving habits

Excellent quote I nabbed at sylloge: The laws of nature are nature's evolving habits

the idea of a fixed and eternal law of nature is a carry-over from an archaic tradition of thought which is outmoded or superseded by the idea of the evolutionary universe. I'm suggesting that maybe the laws of nature themselves evolve; in fact, that maybe they're like habits, that there's a kind of memory in nature. I emphasise this evolutionary and habitual aspect of things as opposed to the idea that everything is governed by eternal, unchanging laws.

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November 23, 2003
Uncensored Stories of the War

The cost of war: CBC News: Deadline Iraq - Uncensored Stories of the War. I don't care how you felt about the war, this is the one of the ways war needs to be covered, in all its horror and human cost. [In case it's not obvious, graphic imagery is present if you follow the link.]

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November 08, 2003
Xylophone prodigy

The winner of the cutest-thing-I've-seen-this-week award is this video of a three year old xylophone prodigy.

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November 07, 2003
David Frum Takedown

Extraordinary (and long) hammering of David Frum's Dead Right.

The funny thing about this book is: it isn’t nearly as bad I just made it sound. I don’t think Frum is obsessed with beards or anything, actually. He sometimes seems like a pretty sharp guy. The middle chapters – full of history and policy detail, so forth – are quite cogent. Just the main chapters have problems. Frum has written a book about the need for a reflective, conservative philosophy. And: that’s the one thing he hasn’t got. He just has no clue why he is a conservative, or why being one might be a good idea – or even what ‘conservatism’ ought to mean. Whenever he starts trying to talk about that stuff, his mind just goes blank and he fantasizes about shaving beards and the Donner party.

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November 05, 2003

Based on the vitriol of some of the reviews, I was expecting to really dislike The Matrix: Revolutions. But, I didn't; it's definitely arguable that the sequels shouldn't have been made (or, at least, these sequels shouldn't have been made), but Revolutions was way better than Reloaded. My recommendation: go, with low expectations.

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