July 05, 2000
Ever again: Hate radio calls

Ever again: Hate radio calls on Congolese to prepare machetes for genocide:

Broadcasting in French and Swahili, government radio from Kinshasa and a privately operated station known as "Voice of the Patriot" have injected the chilling vocabulary of genocide into Congo's conflict.

"People must bring a machete, a spear, an arrow, a hoe, spades, rakes, nails, truncheons, electric irons, barbed wire, stones ... in order, dear listeners, to kill the Rwandan Tutsi," one declares.

Another urges patriotic Congolese to: "Jump on the people with the long noses, those who are tall and slim and want to dominate us."

"Wake up," the broadcast warns, "be aware of our destiny so as to defeat the enemy. From today onwards, you will detect enemies and massacre them without mercy."

Yet another identifies Tutsis as "a virus, a mosquito, filth which must be crushed."

Posted by Bill Stilwell at July 05, 2000 12:00 AM
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