August 03, 2002
Plus, must walk on water

There must be a couple people around that can meet these requirements:

Bachelorís degree required, degree in Computer Science or related field preferred. 1-2 years of experience in systems integration and development, package implementation, and/or interactive design. Knowledge of multiple technologies, including but not limited to JavaScript, Java, Xbox Programming, Assembly, Java 3D, JMF, Lingo, DirectX, MacOS Programming, HTML, DHTML, XML, Visual Basic, PL/SQL, C/C++, Perl, TCL, RDBMS, .NET, Site Server, COM/DCOM, Flash, and Shockwave. Experience with relational databases and user-centered analysis and evaluation techniques preferred. Ability to define, create and complete a technical task without a great deal of guidance. Ability to be creative and innovative, and work well independently and as a team-player in a fast-paced consulting environment. Strong communication skills to interact with clients as consultants and be part of a workshop team.


* Writes bug free code. Follows standards set for the team. Leads by example. Works across components and identifies and fixes problem areas in their components and activity

To me, this just screams "don't apply here", although maybe that's just because I don't fix problem areas in their activity.

Posted by Bill Stilwell at August 03, 2002 12:44 AM

*writes bug free code...


So basically every ML and the ability to write bug free code in all AS WELL as all the rest?

Oh my god.

...oh, and fix other peoples code too...
Oh yeah, no problem.

Please tell me that wasn't a serious enquiry.

(nice pics of Illuminares by the way...i had two dead batteries so my Elph was no good that night.)

Posted by: Saen on August 5, 2002 7:44 PM

It really does appear to be a serious job posting, as scary as that is.

Posted by: Bill Stilwell on August 5, 2002 8:25 PM
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