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One of the more persistent starved-for-content weblog memes is the random playlist. I am finally succumbing, and the world can know what it's like to wear my headphones:

  1. Garmana - Woeful Tone (Vengeance)
  2. Sophie Rimheden - Who I am (Hi-Fi)
  3. Calla - Fear of Fireflies (Scavengers)
  4. Queens of the Stone Age - Tension Head (Rated R)
  5. Suba - Tantos Desejos (Sao Paulo Confessions)
  6. Tom Waits - Picture in a Frame (Mule Variations)
  7. St. Germaine - Latin Note (Tourist)
  8. Franz Ferdinand - 40' (Franz Ferdinand)
  9. Neko Case - No Need To Cry (Furnace Room Lullaby)
  10. Philip Glass - Anthem Part 2 (Powaqqatsi)

Artists I'm surprised didn't show given how much of their stuff is on my mp3 player at the current time: Tool, PJ Harvey, White Stripes.

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