Hello from Incheon!


As promised, an entry from a smoky PC cafe in South Korea. I've now been up for 20 hours, but I'm still (relatively) coherent. The plane ride was uneventful, which is how I like all my plane rides. The plane was half-empty; this is a terrible time for Air Canada already, and market conditions can't be helping.

That's about as many thoughts as I can put together right now, except to observe that there are a lot of kids running around here. I guess this is what a growth birth rate nation looks like.


Glad to hear you've made it safely....hey, is anyone else wishing there was some comments on Bill and Desiree's reunion? Or, maybe that's why the note is so short.....hmmm.

Glad you got there safe mang!!Have fun and enjoy yourselves down there.....

BTW:Eva said she wants a chinese girl outfit brought back home- preferably pink!!

A media blackout has been placed on any and all details of the reunion. This is for your own protection.

Oh yay yay yay happy & safely arrived eeeekaruski! All the dhalgren crones miss you & will be glad to hear that all is well.


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