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Well, it's official. mozilla is

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Well, it's official. mozilla is going to spoil me with its standard compliance. It's a treat to be able to mess with obscure border setting from the html 4.01 spec and have it just work. (Why this came up - the border on the right hand side of the page - it's set to dotted using standard html. It only shows up in mozilla though (haven't tried it in Opera).)

Do you think style guides

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Do you think style guides will start to address the dreaded
punctuation at the end of hyperlink problem? Personally, I always put the period
after the link. It's the grammar problem of the aughts! As far as I'm aware there's no
"style guide" for hyperlinking yet. This is an opportunity for an intrepid grammar nut,
to be sure.


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Everything is better when you listen to apocalyptica.

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