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and yet and yet

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So the other night I used the phrase 'and yet and yet' in conversation (and trust me, it was brilliantly and appropriately used in context, like whenever I force a phrase I like into discourse), and one of the people I was with thought maybe I was referencing Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but I had to confess that I was referencing something less literary - an album by Do Make Say Think (which: great, go buy it).

Naturally, this resulted in my doing a google search on this phrase today, and surprise, surprise, it's got a nice long history, with two early usages being in a translation of a haiku by Kobayashi Issa:

The world of dew
is the world of dew,
And yet, and yet--

and this (a triple and yet!) from a letter by William Blake:

"Every one of my friends was astonished at my faults, and could not assign a reason; they knew my industry and abstinence from every pleasure for the sake of study, and yet-and yet-and yet there wanted the proofs of industry in my works."

Doesn't it suck when people want proof of industry?


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Dude, right on:

"Dude indexes a stance of cool solidarity, a stance which is especially valuable for young men as they navigate cultural discourses of young masculinity".

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