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PJ Harvey Returns

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Finally: new PJ Harvey album May 31st. Awesome. (via)

Evolution Group Weblog

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If you're at all interested in the topic of evolution and ID, the new group weblog The Panda's Thumb looks to be an excellent resource.

RRE Back in Business

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After a longish hiatus, there's a new RRE Digest today. If you're not familiar with RRE, I'd recommend a trip through archives.

Hate on Fat Tuesday

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Highly recommended: Hate on Fat Tuesday (parts one, two, three) at The American Street.

New Burgess biography

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dali centennial approaches

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Robert Hughes likes Dali, at least his early work. ( via )

Alan Moore

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Five Questions with Alan Moore.

And it was also born of the conviction that, yes, Northampton is the center of the cosmos. I truly believe that. I also believe that Northampton is nowhere special. I believe that anybody living anywhere upon the face of the globe, if they were to simply take the time and do the research, would find an incredible nest of wonders buried right where they were standing, right in their own backyard. I think that all too often, in the 21st Century, and throughout the 20th Century, we tend to spend our everyday existence walking along streets or driving along streets that we have no real understanding of, even if we see them everyday, and they just become fairly meaningless and bleak blocks of concrete, whereas, if you happen to know that such-and-such a poet was incarcerated inside an asylum upon this street or that such-and-such a murder happened here or that such-and-such a fabulous, legendary queen is buried in this vicinity: all of these little stories, it makes the places that we live much richer if we have a knowledge of these things. All of a sudden, you're not walking down mundane, dull, everyday streets anymore, you're walking down fabulous avenues full of wonderful ideas and incredible stories. It just makes living a much richer experience if we can fully appreciate the part of the world that we are living in, and I suppose that is a very long winded answer to why I wrote Voice Of The Fire.

I'll definitely be buying Voice Of The Fire now that it's been reissued.

nuclear black market

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Scary New Yorker article on the nuclear black market.

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