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Sigur Ros

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Last year I raved about Sigur Ros live; allow me to do it again:

Sigur Ros are one of the best live acts I've ever seen. While my high expectations kept this show from topping last year's, tonight's was still astounding. The song they played last at both shows (track 8 on the new CD, I've also heard it referred to as "The Pop Song") completely blew the lid off the place.

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Requiem For a Frodo

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The answer to a question I asked a while ago: why does the trailer for The Two Towers use the score for Requiem for A Dream?

The Hays Code

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The Hays Code - The Motion Picture Production Code of 1930

Motion picture producers recognize the high trust and confidence which have been placed in them by the people of the world and which have made motion pictures a universal form of entertainment.

They recognize their responsibility to the public because of this trust and because entertainment and art are important influences in the life of a nation.

Hence, though regarding motion pictures primarily as entertainment without any explicit purpose of teaching or propaganda, they know that the motion picture within its own field of entertainment may be directly responsible for spiritual or moral progress, for higher types of social life, and for much correct thinking.

cope in charge

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Looks like Vancouver's COPE has run the board in Vancouver. This is a pretty big change for Vancouver, with some big responsibilities: following through on the Four Pillars Plan, the 2010 Olympic Bid, fixing transit, and more.

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When algorithms attack

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Seen when reading a gybe review on nme:

Click here to search for Godspeed You Black Emperor ringtones. If you've never heard gybe, this probably won't strike you as funny. Trust me, it is.

Seen on a mini-biography at imdb:

"Britt was born in Sweden and grew up to be a beautiful blond with big ... (show more)"

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Don't Write Angry


The spiteful biography is hardly an unusual thing, but this Anthony Burgess bio seems like an extreme member of the genre:

Some of his observations about Burgess's touchiness and verbosity are spot on. But the longer the book proceeds, the more preposterous the claims become: Burgess "simply wasn't very bright", "he hated being a human being". At least twice Lewis wishes Burgess dead, as if his actual death, in 1993 (described as him "conking out"), wasn't enough. Elsewhere, having rubbished his subject's powers of invention, he tries to impress us with his own, transcribing an imaginary dialogue from the 1960s that's unfunny and name-dropping in the extreme.


As to the footnotes, they're largely an excuse to pick off enemies - not only Burgess and his widow Liana ("that frightful woman... an obscure Italian translator"), but Stanley Kubrick ("piss-poor"), Clive James ("a professional nincompoop... a prat"), Martin Amis ("a writer with nothing to say"), and many more.

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Alton Brown Store

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The Alton Brown store is finally open for business! Bill wants.

Update: They don't seem to ship to Canada! Argh!

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low low low

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So, I had tickets to see Low tonight. On the way there on SkyTrain, I noticed more than the usual number of drunken yahoos - you don't often see people downing 40s just before getting on the train. During the ride into downtown, there was an announcement that 'the concert at GM Place tonight' had been cancelled. As the train passed GM Place, it was obvious that there was a large crowd of disgruntled concertgoers outside. After getting off at Granville, I called a buddy, who informed me that the concert was Guns 'n Roses. I predicted a riot was imminent.

I was right.

As for the main event: Low was great. I don't know if you could ever refer to them as rocking, per se, but they sure mellowed damn hard. They also commended us for our cheap and excellent sushi.

it's all true!

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101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot. The big three for me are pop-up killing, tabbed browsing, and type-ahead find.

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