I'm glad that The National

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I'm glad that The National Post is such a classy newspaper. Today's big stories include:

  • FROM FOSTER MOTHER TO LESBIAN LOVER - front page, above the fold, with picture. End of article quote: "'Ms. Hetu's role was to provide guidance, not sexual gratification.'"
  • Female teacher alleged to have had sex with team - Page A3, subhead: "Coached boys volleyball: Teens don't see themselves as victims." Also, if one actually reads the story, it turns out that it is all allegation with no proof. The article doesn't provide any detail, noting:
    The National Post has chosen not to name the community or school to protect the identities of the alleged victims and teacher, who has not been charged.

    The teacher, now 34, has since quit her teaching position and lives in another province with a 21-year-old man who is a former student, police said.

    However, if you read an earlier article from the paper about the Heather Ingram case, you get this information:
    The RCMP in Prince George, B.C., is probing allegations of sexual exploitation against a 34-year-old teacher who is now living with her former student.

    The woman, who was not named, taught in Kelly Road Secondary School for seven years, and faces allegations she was sexually involved with several boys who were her students over a three-year period in the 1990s.

    She has since quit her teaching position and now lives in Grande Prairie, Alta., with a 21-year-old man who is a former student.

    Note that both articles are by the same reporter. Love the false sense of decorum!

The other front page news of note is that Black is selling most of his newspapers; unfortunately he is not selling the Vancouver Sun or Province, so Vancouver will continue to be the only major Canadian city without proper newspaper competition.

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Now, Ingram is writing a book about her adventures with children.

If this had been the mirror image, the man would be in jail for quite a long time.

Two levels of citizenship in the country, right?

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