Sad excuse for a post


This is really just an excuse to try out some funky stuff with textile 2 and some perl to generate amazon links, but hey: Futurama Volume 3 is coming out soon!


Ooooo, Futurama Vol. III!!!

I'm soooo gonna get that!

How's it going was?


were you able to get brad choate's textile2 co-existing with textile1? I have two years of content in his old filter and found that if I tried to replace textile1, it was not backwards compatible (because the name of the filter has been changed) and if I tried to install both, baaad things started to happen to my website.

as a result, I'm stuck with the textile2-beta that was backward compatible.

I've got them both installed after following the instructions on how to do so. Haven't had any problems, but haven't done a lot of posting since, either. :-)

Have you tried contacting Brad?

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