VIFF Roundup

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Right, so now that the festival is over and these reviews are of NO USE WHATSOEVER, here are my thoughts on the films I saw:

  • Machuca: Best film I saw; voted most popular film at the festival, so you know I'm right! See this film if you get the chance.
  • Tony Takitani. Good film, essentially a meditiation on loneliness. See it if you like Haruki Murakami.
  • My Beautiful Girl, Mari. Animated coming-of-age film from South Korea. Excellent animation, well told story. Recommended.
  • Havana Suite. Visually beautiful, although I found the cheesy synth dominated soundtrack a distraction.
  • The Ister. Note to self: 3 hour video essays on Heidegger can wait for video. Interesting, but my concentration was seriously wandering after the first half.

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