Magazines I would subscribe to if I were totally made of money:

  • Metropolis: mostly wank-free design mag with a focus on architecture.
  • New Yorker: no explanation needed
  • Harpers: occasionally annoying, but they publish a lot of really good authors.
  • New Scientist: so I can pretend to know what dark matter and strings are.
  • Brick: A Literary Journal: even the subscription appeals from the comptroller are amusing and well-written; excellent contributors. Plus: Canadian.
  • Paris Review: excellent interviews and fiction.
  • Economist: excellent current events coverage from around the globe, something all North American newsweeklies pretty much suck at.


But not The Atlantic Monthly?

Nope. Dunno why, but it never really grabs me on the shelf. They've certainly published some very influential stuff over the years; maybe I should take a closer look.

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