Off to Kindergarten

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Today marks the fifth birthday of marginalia. While hardly an early adopter, I have an email from a Vancouver weblogger dated April 2000 noting that with my weblog Vancouver was up to four (which was probably an undercount, but not by much). Things have taken off a little bit since then.

My first post was about Apocalyptica, a band of 4 (now 3) crazy Finnish cellists that play heavy metal covers (and have since branched out to their own heavy metal originals!). That they have not become world famous remains a mystery to me. To celebrate the day, I'm going to burn through some bandwidth by offering up one of their songs: Sad But True, by Apocalyptica (broken link fixed, sorry about that). Turn it up, dude, and enjoy.

Thanks for reading, and keep coming back.

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Happy Birthday....I've enjoyed looking in on Marginalia these past few years! Thanks for allowing me (and others)access into that never stopping mind of yours.

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