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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if evdb doesn't suck, it could be really cool. Om Malik has slightly more info. Judging by their jobs page, they might just have the right idea: "Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, PostgreSQL / MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, XML, RSS, Atom, and iCalendar."


I'm excited by evdb, but wondering why this could possibly need Perl AND PHP not to mention Postgres AND MySQL. I guess we'll see soon., the site I developed, doesn't suck. It runs on Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL, is fully standards-compliant, and includes a REST API. does, indeed, not suck, as far as capabilties go. On the other side of the equation though, it does a bit: data. If it had pollstar-level of info, would kick ass on all levels. As it is, it doesn't. (For me, as a Vancouverite, anyway. For people in other locales, it may just kick the requisite amount of ass.)

Bill, you're prolly gonna think EVDB sucks when we launch. No Vancouver events yet. :-)

We're all starting from 0 and working from there.

Kellan, I figure if someone's done a ton of Perl, but not PHP, we still oughta talk. I figure if someone's done a ton of MySQL, but not PostgreSQL, same. And vice versa too. We're LAPPP (Linux Apache Perl PostgreSQL PHP) all the way.

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