Finished Motherless Brooklyn and I've

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Finished Motherless Brooklyn and I've moved on to Pilgrim, by Timothy Findley. Motherless Brooklyn was good, although there continues to be something about Lethem's writing that leaves me vaguely unsatisfied. There's always great ideas and fabulous writing in his books, but the plots never seem to be quite up to the level I expect. At least Motherless Brooklyn had an ending, which is more than I can say about Gun with occasional music. I still get pissed off about how that book ended.

Book covers are fascinating things - here are the covers for Pilgrim in three different countries:

US CoverCanadian CoverGerman Cover

You can do this with any book, and it's quite fascinating. The National Post had a great article covering this topic a few months back, but it's not archived that I can find. The article discussed A History of Reading (aside: wonderful, wonderful book) covers in various countries. Three countries again:

US CoverCanadian CoverUK Cover

Well, you get the point. If you find some good examples you can point me to, mail me.

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