Tom Stoppard: Script Doctor


Interesting tidbit in this article - Tom Stoppard helped out with dialogue for the new Star Wars film. Dammit, I'm starting to think the rumors of not-sucking might actually be true. (In other news, my Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead DVD just came. Can't wait to watch it again.)


Anakin: Will I turn to the dark side?
Obiwan: Is there another option?
Anakin: Can I seek another fate?
Obiwan: Is that all?
Anakin: What is this force?
Obiwan: Non sequitur! Point!

Damn, that would have been even better if I'd gone with a 'anyone fancy a game of questions?' joke in the post.

You're starting to create some enthusiasm. Stoppard is fantastic at fixing up a script. I hope they gave him alot of latitude!

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